DIY: How to Use Burlap to Upcycle Unused Glass Candle Holders

burlap wrapped candle holder

burlap wrapped candle holder

I’ve been busy these past couple of weeks sprucing up our home for the upcoming holiday season. Besides cleaning and hanging decorations, I’ve been experimenting with making several crafts from burlap fabric. While burlap has been used for years to make sturdy bags for carrying coffee beans, grains and rice, burlap is making is a big comeback on the interior design scene. And for good reason!

Burlap is made up of jute, hemp or flax fibers and is completely biodegradable. I particularly like the material’s versatility. You could use the same roll of burlap to maintain your garden as you would to create shabby chic home décor. I’ve used the fabric to make a Fall-themed table runner and update our boring black coasters. But my favorite project thus far has been turning a simple glass candle holder into a charming, one-of-a-kind piece.

The idea all started when I reused leftover wax from several of candles to create a new candle. I was left with a tray of empty glass containers and questions about how to upcycle them. I wouldn’t dare toss them into the recycling bin; so, I took to the blogosphere for possible tutorials. After some searching, I found Elizabeth’s instructions on “To Be Charmed” blog about how to make a burlap-wrapped, embellished vase. I instantly knew this concept would be a solution for my candle holders. Continue reading to find out how I completed this project in just four steps.

From Plain to Custom in Minutes

  1. You’ll need a clean, empty container (preferably glass), burlap, scissors, stencils, embellishments, paint and adhesive to get started. Measure and cut your burlap to the circumference of your container.
  2. Choose a stencil. I chose a chevron patterned stencil as it matches our home’s existing style, but any design will work for this project.
  3. After you’ve chosen your stencil, paint the designs on your burlap and allow adequate time to dry.
  4. Embellish with lace, beads or rhinestones and attach to your candle holder. You can use liquid glue for this project, but I found that spray adhesive dried faster and created less mess.

When your burlap is securely in place, toss in a few candies, potpourri or another candle to turn a candle holder into a great, repurposed gift for a family member or friend. What do you think of this project? What type of burlap crafts have you made? Leave me note in the comment section; I’d love to hear from you.

Image credit: Talancia Pea

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