Donated Wind Turbine Provides Power and Education

From The Martha’s Vineyard Times,

A $90,000 wind turbine project planned for the high school not only will produce some of its electricity, but is also intended to serve as a model of effective renewable energy use and as an educational resource for students. Best of all, it is free, thanks to the generosity of someone on the Island.

“An anonymous donor from the community came to us with a vision for installing a wind turbine to make electricity at the high school. Our company has been involved with renewable energy for a long time, and the donor knew us,” said Phil Forest, project manager from South Mountain Company (SMC), the Island business that was awarded the contract. “She has been interested in renewable energy for a long time, and she wanted to make a difference. I think it’s great that she was motivated to make that difference as an educational opportunity for students.”

I think it’s great that some see the need to provide educational resources on renewable energy, and a working wind turbine that’s producing power goes light years beyond mere curriculum. At the same time, I hope we see similar donations going to urban and rural school districts that often can’t buy books, much less renewable energy equipment.

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