‘Dr. Phil’ Raps About Motorists & Cyclists, and the Laws that Bind — Take 2

Earlier this week, I posted a section of the β€œMissouri State Law for Motorists Interacting with Bicyclistβ€œ for two constructive reasons:

  1. To communicate actual-factual, useful information straight from a government horse’s mouth which could benefit the too-common misunderstanding that occurs between motorists and cyclists on the road
  2. And as an example that is likely similar to statutes across the country, although each state — and at least some cities — have their own laws. (Read up on your area statutes through Mass Bike‘s state-by-state list online.)

Some read that post and selectively seized on certain tidbits, neglecting the rest. Folks, folks, folks. As they say, “You can lead a horse to water, but…”

Now, What I Said Was…

Let’s not waste much time looking back, but I will repeat what I in fact said because, frankly, I consider it worth repeating for its message of equal/”objective” perspective:

“As a bike commuter, I know the dynamics between motorist and cyclist are a two-way street, so to speak. As a cyclist I have responsibilities that enhance my own safety and yours. And motorists have a lot of responsibility too.”

And what was tossed back at me as “incendiary fluff” was: “What is it that makes cyclists so untolerable to some motorists?”

Sure I was playful with the fictional Dr. Phil role, and that likely leaned toward my view of things as a bike commuter who’s safety is incredibly at risk every time I ride, at least by comparison to a motorist’s. And so it was predictably a motorist-commenter — a non-cyclist — who particularly felt slighted by my post.

And it’s one particular question that individual raised that I want to address now. In general terms, it is a very, very fantastic point that was made, essentially saying that an objective view of the situation, equally faulting cyclists and motorists, plus civic education about the matter of motorists and cyclists sharing the road, would make a much better impression (at least on her) than the way I wrote my blog entry.


And: en garde … See ‘Dr. Phil’ Raps About Motorists & Cyclists — Take 3, for the rebuttal.

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