Earth Hour’s Tonight: What are Your Plans? (PPB #16)

Earth Hour LogoIt’s now the 27th here in the Central time zone, and that means it’s Earth Hour day: at 8:30 tonight local time, people, businesses, schools, and even some well-known landmarks will be turning off the lights for an hour. Sponsored by WWF, this symbolic gesture by millions around the world is meant to demonstrate global support for action against climate change.

Some call it meaningless symbolism; others see it as an opportunity to dial back a bit and enjoy a little downtime, alone or with family and friends. Got plans to read or play games by candlelight? Sit on the porch with a glass of green wine and enjoy the night sky? Pick at an acoustic guitar?

I have no doubt I’ll be missing it this year… will likely be sleeping hard. Love to hear your plans, though… if you have them. If not, interested in hearing why you’re choosing not to mark the occasion (and there are definitely good reasons for making that choice).

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  1. Tony

    This one has always been interesting at DR. Since we are on solar and wind power, shutting off the lights is not as much of an eco statement. And unlike most people in cities, we get to experience some real darkness at night as you don’t leave lights on all night when you are off-grid. And in the winter we get plenty of dinners by candlelight when the sun hasn’t been shining lately.

    So since our life naturally gives us a lot of the EarthHour experience, its not quite as potent for us.

    At DR every day is EarthDay. Not every hour is EarthHour but plenty are πŸ™‚

  2. heckety

    Whatever one’s opinions on Earth Hour in particular I don’t think any symbolism or symbolic gesture is meaningless. If you believe enough to do something, then you believe. If someone doesn’t agree with the gesture or action you’ve made then they don’t believe, and that’s their prerogative. And if they diss you for a gesture chances are a year or two down the line they’ll have done some thinking (triggered by your gesture??) and follow your example. Not always, but I’ve seen it happen.

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