Easy Upcycling: (Emergency) Window Decoration From A Fitted Sheet

turn a fitted sheet into a window decoration

turn a fitted sheet into a window decoration

By Jennifer Tuohy

With the holidays upon us and family descending from all corners of the globe, I’ve been in a mad rush to spruce up my home decor. According to people far more style-conscious than myself, window treatments are an easy, inexpensive ways to instantly transform a room.

Whether you choose curtains or drapes, sheer or semi-opaque, and brightly patterned or a simple solid color, popping a window decoration on a bare window really does spruce up your space. But did you know a good window treatment is also energy efficient?

Adding full-length curtains helps keep your home cool in the summer by blocking out the radiant heat from the sun, and they retain warmth during winter by providing an extra layer of insulation.

My criteria for this project were that it wouldn’t involve me going anywhere near a sewing machine, and that I could upcycle something I already had on hand.

Here’s the catch—I actually used a fitted sheet. As the mother of two children under 8, I have an inordinate amount of fitted sheets in a wide variety of colors and patterns that could be upcycled for this project.

Here’s how I upcycled my daughter’s fitted sheet into a simple, inexpensive window treatment.


  • 1 fitted sheet
  • 2 long pieces of ribbon
  • A pair of scissors
  • A spring tension rod

drape sheet over rod

Step 1: Place the tension rod in the window frame and drape the sheet lengthways over it, meaning the ends of the sheet are at each end of the window (this is important for full “fluffiness”).

measure out ribbon

Step 2: Place two equal lengths of ribbon over the sheet.

tie the ribbon

Step 3: Loop the ribbon on itself and pull up until you reach the desired height for your window treatment. Tie the ribbon in a loose knot.

adjust height

Step 4: Do the same with the second piece of ribbon and adjust each until they are even and where you want them. Hide the knot behind the sheet. Alternatively, if you want something more flamboyant, you can tie the ribbon in a big bow and place it front and center.

adjust to desired style

Step 5: Fluff, adjust, tweak and pluck the sheet until it resembles a window treatment and not a fitted sheet (this part takes longer than you’d think!).

That’s it—a simple, inexpensive quick fix for sprucing up your windows until you have time to go shopping for some actual stylish window coverings!

window before and after

Jennifer Tuohy is a Charleston, South Carolina, mom of two, and a whiz at creating upcycling projects. Jennifer writes on her upcycling exploits for The Home Depot. You can research a wide assortment of curtains and drapes to go with your upcycled creations online at Home Depot.

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