Easy Upcycling: Homemade Planters From Rain Boots

homemade planters from rain boots

homemade planters from rain boots

With two very fast-growing children, shoes don’t have a long shelf life in our house. Occasionally, I’m lucky enough that a pair of my son’s old shoes work for my daughter, but they’re generally in such bad shape when she’s done with them that I can’t pass them on to another family.

While on the lookout for ways to upcycle these old shoes and boots, I came across the idea of recycling old rain boots into colorful flower planters. As I’ve also been in need of some planters for my porch to complement my new porch swing, this seemed like the perfect solution. It’s amazing how adding new furniture to your outdoor space suddenly makes it feel like a whole new room in your home (which you also need to remember to decorate)!

Transforming rain boots into planters also turned out to be a great way to demonstrate to my children that just because something is no longer useful to them, it doesn’t mean it has outlived its usefulness. They were really excited to help me with this project, and felt a real sense of ownership over the finished planters.

Turning old rain boots into planters is the epitome of easy upcycling, taking all of about 15 minutes to do and requiring minimal, inexpensive supplies. All you need is:

  • Potting soil
  • Plants or seeds
  • Rocks
  • Old rain boots
  • A drill

supplies for making a rain boot planter

Step One: Drill a few holes in the soles of the boots, to allow the soil to drain.

drilling drainage holes in the rain boot

Step Two: Fill the bottom with rocks. This will also help the soil to drain and keep the boots upright in stormy weather.

put rocks in the bottom of the boot

Step Three: Fill each boot with potting soil and pat it down into the foot.

fill bottom of boot with potting soil

Step Four: Plant your seeds or pop in your flowering plant. Then water and enjoy!

plant flowers

I was so excited about my colorful new planters that I went trawling at some local thrift stores and garage sales to find another pair to complete my collection. Now, while the family relaxes on our new porch swing on a beautiful summer’s day, we all enjoy admiring our handiwork and reminiscing about the days when those giant feet actually fit into those little rain boots!

finished homemade planters

Jennifer Tuohy writes about her upcycling projects and outdoor living for The Home Depot, providing her ideas and tips from her home in Charleston, South Carolina. To view a wide selection of outdoor furniture and other home products that you can enjoy with your own upcycled projects, click here.   

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