Eating Green in Salt Lake City

So, honestly, I had not planned to focus completely on sustainable food news this morning, but a number of interesting items popped up on the Google News feeds. From the Salt Lake City Weekly, a brief profile of Squatters, a brewpub and microbrewery in Salt Lake City that “…has become a case study in how to do well by doing good.”

…Squatters is committed to reducing their power needs and purchasing renewable, non-polluting energy where possible. High temperature dishwashers, wind power, waterless urinals, energy-efficient lighting, recycled glassware …, a water-wise garden, cloth (vs. paper) linens and recyclable β€œto go” containers are a few examples of how the folks at Squatters are attempting to β€œdo the right thing.” There’s even spent brewer’s grain in the fresh bread baked at Squatters, and their delivery truck runs on bio-diesel from used kitchen oils.

The restaurant’s owner also support the local community garden (and actually use produce from it), and contribute to numerous other community groups. All of this good work in the community doesn’t take away from the restaurant’s main purpose for existing — serving great food and beer, and making a profit for the owners.

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