Eating Vegetarian: Cheaper than Taking Pills [Infographic]

We don’t talk a lot about health care here: on many levels, it’s outside of our focus area of environmental sustainability. But we do discuss food a lot… and how we choose to eat – for whatever reason – directly affect our health. So, when I was offered the infographic below on “Food vs. Medicine,” I decided to run with it… even if it may leave a few regular readers scratching their heads beyond the notion of eating vegetarian (another regular topic of ours).

Reducing meat consumption is just one aspect of a healthier diet that’s also planet-friendly: low carb and anti-inflammatory diets not only help us feel better and prevent the onset of certain diseases and conditions, but also have environmental impacts in terms of farming and processing. And taking less medicine definitely serves our personal health as well as that ofΒ species around us (who seem to end up with traces of the drugs we use in their systems).

How have your own eating choices affected your use of health care services, whether drugs/medicines, or other procedures? Share any other thoughts you have with us in the comments…

Need to see a larger version of the graphic? Click on it…

Food vs. Medicine
Source: www.BestMasterofScienceinNursing.com

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