Eco Designer Rachel Mace's Totally Trashed Fashion on the Runway (with photos)

the totally trashed eco fashion team at runway renegades show

Editor’s Note:Β Who’s Rachel Mace? You can learn more about her and her journey to become an alternative fashion designer from our profile of her.

Rachel Mace (aka Keseken) describes her debut of Totally Trashed Fashion (a clothing line made completely from trash) at the fourth annual Runway Renegade Show as the “most amazing experience of her entire life.” Every seat was filled, and the crowd cheered as Mace’s models were the first to strut down the runway. All of the small kinks had worked out to produce an “incredible” show. The audience’s positive feedback was the boost Mace needed to affirm her new role as an alternative fashion designer.

“This show helped me learn some things about myself: My design preference leans towards the more extravagant pieces. I had trouble finishing the really simple things because I just wasn’t as into it. I expect my next line to be full of big, exciting dresses,” said Mace.

Mace has already begun eagerly working on her second line for Spokane’s Sustainable Uprising Fashion Show in September. You can take a look at the some of the pictures from the Runway Renegade Show on the following pages (with Rachel’s comments); you can view them all at the Totally Trashed Flickr stream.

If you know any other designers creating fashion and saving the planet using unconventional materials, leave me a comment or send me an email at [email protected]. I’ll take a look and possibly feature them on sustainablog.

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All images courtesy of Totally Trashed Fashion. Above: the whole team. Left to Right: Ariel in The Spokane Metro Dress, Ria Bertone in the Go Green Ballgown, Gabby in the Penny Lingerie Set, Taylor Weech in the Book Dress, and Rachel Mace (Me) on the ground again, in Garbage Glamour.Β all the jewelry was designed by eco-designer Mary Tafuri, and is on sale at her Etsy shop.

  1. Ronnie Ryno

    I was so amazed and proud of Rachel’s designs. She worked hard and put together a fantastic collection…it was so inspiring! Great job, Rachel, I’m so glad to have had you a part of this year’s Runway Renegades!

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