4 New Eco Fashion Designers Combine Style with Mission

Las Gringas -- one of four new design houses combining style and sustainability
Las Gringas -- one of four new design houses combining style and sustainability

Nowadays, being environmentally conscious doesn’t just impact the way you live, but what you wear. That’s because many new eco-conscious designers are quickly emerging in the fashion world. By using fairly traded, non-toxic, and recycled materials, these designers are able to create sustainable clothes and accessories for the environmentally-friendly consumer. Their designs are extremely fashion-forward, and yet their missions remain intact.

Recently, we’ve scoped out four eco designers who have been key contributors in the movement toward sustainable fashion.

  • A.D.O. Organics, a clothing line for active women, uses the age-old Indian method of natural dye to produce clothes that are free of synthetic chemicals, toxic irritants, and 100% organic.
  • Estrella Bijoux is a jewelry line founded in 2006 by Chilean artist Tamara Rubilar. Influenced by Latin America, Estrella distributes eco-friendly jewelry by creating designs exclusively from vintage pieces and recovered materials.
  • Hetty Rose is an eco footwear brand that uses recycled materials, such as Japanese kimono fabrics and other old-world relics, to create feminine shoes with a simplified design.
  • Finally, Las Gringas is a brand born from three friends, who after traveling the world settled in Bolivia to develop a collection that fosters human rights, as well as the rights of women and families. Working with women designers in Bolivia, all of their product sales insure a regular income to these designers’ families.

More and more, consumers are demanding fashion that combines the latest style with a commitment to environmental and social good.  Eco designers, like the four mentioned above, are all helping to makes strides toward achieving this goal. By supporting these designers, you are not only taking an active role in bettering our lives now, but you are helping us to pave a brighter future for tomorrow… so wear your social conscious on your sleeve… literally!

Julia Miller is a socially-minded technology executive. She is an advisor and investor with StyleQuest and other internet companies like DigiPowers.

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