Rachel Mace: A Renegade of Eco Fashion

skirt by rachel mace made from reused plastic grocery bags
Skirt by Rachel Mace made from reused plastic grocery bags

Rachel Mace, also known as Keseken in the modeling and online worlds, is a 20-year-old model and self-taught fashion designer who resides in Spokane, Washington. She weaves, melts and stretches unconventional materials into high-fashion, sustainable women’s clothing. Mace will debut her Totally Trashed Fashion collection of formal and causal dresses, ball gowns, and lingerie made from trash in Runway Renegades’ fourth show on August 13th.

“I like to combine my mother’s artistic influence and father’s engineering skills to approach design as a math problem: X= two-piece evening gown made from a plastic table cloth and 400 soda can pull tabs. I want to show people that creativity in clothing goes beyond fabrics, and we can take any material and make something incredible with it,” said Mace.

Mace’s first garbage bag creation actually came about by accident. She purchased too many boxes of garbage bags and intertwined them into a vest and skirt for a scheduled photo shoot. People’s response to her design was extremely positive and supportive, but it wasn’t until Runway Renegade’s Ronnie Ryno contacted Mace did her designs truly flourish.

“I don’t have a particular audience in mind while I construct my designs because everyone sees something unique. Some people view my designs as inspiration for their own creativity or as wearable art. While many others, including myself, see my creations as a neat way to show support for recycling and sustainability,” said Mace.

rachel mace models her own eco fashion
Rachel Mace models some of her own designs

Local business owners and residents help support Mace’s efforts in saving the planet by donating used bags, VHS tapes and old clocks for her designs rather than throwing them out. Mace’s trash fashion is an eco-chic way to dress outside the box without splurging on or wasting fabrics.

Fans of Totally Trashed Fashion can take a look at Mace’s newest creations in Spokane’s Sustainable Uprising Fashion Show in September. In the meantime she will be designing and creating original pieces for local models and photographers who are interested in expanding their alternative fashion portfolios. Mace hopes to continue to raise public awareness of clothing made from unconventional materials in an effort to keep our planet healthy and happy for generations to come. You can visit www.runwayrenegades.com for more details about the upcoming show. Or contact the designer at [email protected]

Images courtesy of Totally Trashed Fashion

  1. Jeanne Ekenberg

    I am inspired by the integration and depth of fashion and creativity. I am looking forward to the full presentation. It makes a statement while bringing awareness to the environment. Nice blend.

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