Eco-Friendly Jewelry Designers Discuss Motivations, Inspirations

iram-inal Designs founder Mari and Lani Davis

Editor’s note: A few weeks ago, sustainablog contributor Talancia Pea introduced St. Louis-based eco-friendly jewelry company iram-inal designs. Talancia followed up with the company’s founders, sisters Mari and Lani Davis, to get some more insight into their motivations, processes, and plans for the future.

Sustainablog: Why do you and your sister feel compelled to use natural and repurposed materials in your designs?

Iram-inal: We observed our parents grow plants and vegetables in our St. Louis home while growing up. Our mother had a green thumb, and our father always tended to a vegetable garden. Their influences were positive and long-lasting, and definitely impacted our personal lives and business.

Sustainablog: Will you be incorporating any new eco-friendly materials in your upcoming Spring 2010 collection(s)? If so, which ones and why did you choose these materials?

Iram-inal: We’re expanding our Crested line of rings and breastplates by creating an upcycled portion made exclusively from old, damaged CD’s. We’ll continue to use old tees as a base for necklaces and looking for new ways to present these designs to the public.

cleo1We’re also looking to incorporate sustainable ivory nuts into designs with large, vintage brass chains. We’re very excited about these new lines, and can’t wait to show the world!

Sustainablog: I read on your blog that you recently collaborated with Shannon Lynnette, design team member, friend and fashion designer, to create the SL line of fabric necklaces. If you could collaborate with any other designer, in jewelry or not, who would you choose? Why?

Iram-inal: In apparel fashion, we really admire Zoica Matei. Her motto is “slow fashion,” and she only uses organically grown cottons and hemps in her clothing. We most admire her tenacity to keeping with her ideals in her business.

We also like jewelry designer Alexis Bittar for his ability to grow his business to a large international scale and still be the face you meet when ordering his jewelry at a trade show. We would love to continue to have that interpersonal touch with our customer base as we continue to expand across the United States and internationally. In short, we adore designers who throw caution to the wind and choose to design strictly based on their laurels

Sustainablog: Anything else you want to add?

Iram-inal: We certainly do not try to be dour in our outlook about the state of the world, but the damage done to the planet is palpable and visible everywhere you look. Everything we (as individuals) can do to attempt to deter the negative effects is at least worth a try!

Image credits: iram-inal Designs

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  1. Maria M.

    I look forward to taking a look at your Spring 2010 collection. I love the natural look of vegetable ivory nuts (primarily tagua), and I think seeds can be used to make absolutely chic and distinct pieces.

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