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Sunni and I had some miscommunication yesterday, so I took down the post from last night. I do think many of you will find Ecostructure‘s new site very useful, though, so here’s the press release she sent me:

Ecostructure Financial Promotes Environmental Solutions

With New Ecological Business Portal

Ecostructure Financial of Moscow, Idaho announces its new Eco-preneur Portal, which will streamline the development and promotion of ecologically beneficial businesses and projects throughout the world.

Ecostructure estimates that as many as 4000 ecologically minded entrepreneurs are developing businesses and infrastructure projects today that could help solve the environmental challenges facing the planet. Through the Eco-preneur Portal, Ecostructure Financial plans to help grow scores of new businesses that will restore and maintain healthy ecosystems throughout the world.

The general public can also use Ecostructure’s website to learn about ecological businesses, and to help eco-preneurs succeed. 30% of the total monthly revenues generated by the Eco-preneur Portal will be used for direct cash assistance to help eco-preneurs achieve their business objectives.

Ecostructure Financial is hosting the new Eco-preneur Portal at its website, www.ecostructure.us. The service is offered in 3 price levels, $5 per month for eco-preneurs to post their business concept and gain development assistance from Ecostructure, $1 per month for Individual subscribers, and a free β€œjust looking” opportunity for anyone to see basics info on many of the businesses participating in the portal.

Mark Winstein, Ecostructure Financial President, has been an ecological entrepreneur for over 20 years. Through the Eco-preneur Portal, he hopes to help emerging ecological businesses create millions of new ecosystem jobs that will in turn assure a healthy biosphere for generations to come.

For more information regarding Ecostructure Financial and its services, please contact Sunni Mace at [email protected], or 509-456-2511.

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