Ecostructure Financial Spreading the Word on Green Business

While the notion of a “sustainable economy” is still a relatively young concept, most of us who’ve been paying attention for some time see certain companies as the standards in information on green business: GreenBiz.com and SustainableBusiness.com certainly come to mind. Now, Ecostructure Financial, a company dedicated to “creating a new marketplace to match all ecological investment opportunities with all ecologically-minded investors,” is entering the green/sustainable business information sector with its monthly newsletter, “The Ecological Finance Review.” The newletter, started in May, already looks like it has the potential to become another standard, with stories on the Greenheart Conservation Company in September, Horizon Wind Energy‘s (formerly Zilkha Renewable Energy) $100 million wind farm project in Oregon in July, and GE’s “eco-imagination” campaign in May. Additionally, the newletter operates on a recurring monthly subscription fee that you choose — pay as little as $1 a month.

Thanks to Sunni Mace, Ecostructure’s Outreach and Research Specialist, for passing on the word…

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