Ecover Cleaning Products Celebrates Thirty Under 30

Even if you buy green cleaning products* scrupulously, Ecover may be an unfamiliar name to you… while they’ve been around for thirty years, they’ve made more of a mark in Europe than in the United States (where brands like Seventh Generation* tend to reign supreme). The company wants to change that, though, and as a part of its push to gain more recognition (and market share) in the US, they’ve launched their Thirty Under 30 contest to honor thirty people under the age of 30 who are living their commitment to environmental sustainability.

The contest officially launched on September 1st with the opening of nominations. Through September, if you think your commitment to the environment is worthy of recognition (and you’re under 30 years old), use the entry form at the contest web page, or its Facebook page, to enter the contest. Once nominations have closed, the judges will spend October going through them to determine the thirty entrants that best deserve recognition (and please note: I’m one of the judges).

That’s not the end, though… once we pick our thirty, you get to weigh in with us on the best of the best: who out of the thirty best deserves recognition. That person will receive his/her choice of some sweet pieces of furniture from Environment; the runner up will score a year’s worth of Ecover green cleaning products. They’ll be a big shindig in New York for the announcement.

Think you’re deserving (and 18-29 years old)? Enter! There are already some very deserving folks who have. If you know someone who fits the bill, make sure to let them know. Need help figuring out what qualities count? We’ll be considering:

  • Measurable environmental impact of entrant’s efforts
  • Creativity/innovation in achieving sustainability practices
  • Demonstration of passion and dedication to sustainability
  • Awareness creation or other community involvement in the practice or cause
  • Personal involvement in the activity/cause (looking for someone who is not just a participant, but a demonstrated leader)
  • Long-term vision for sustainability as part of their life (are they dedicated to environmentalism/sustainability long-term or is it just adjunct to something else they’re doing with their lives?)

Since I’m involved, I’ll keep you posted… should be a great event!

Yep, we’ve got a wide range of Ecover products listed in the Green Choices product comparison engine… in addition to products from companies like Bi-O-Kleen, Earth Friendly Products, and Eco-Me.

*Link to a page in sustainablog’s Green Choices product comparison engine.

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