EDF: Dominique Browning, Award-Winning Editor and Author, Launches New Column

Dominique Browning, award-winning editor and authorDominique Browning, the former editor-in-chief of House and Garden, is partnering with Environmental Defense Fund to launch a new column called “Personal Nature: Dominique Browning’s distinctive take on all things environmental“. The column will highlight the human impacts of environmental threats like climate change and ocean pollution. Her first piece explores the language we use in talking about climate change and the need for individual and social action.

“It is only a small leap from caring about what’s going on in a garden to caring about what’s going on in the larger environment,” says Ms. Browning. “Environmental issues are hitting the very place we want to feel safest: home. Home ought to be a sacred place of retreat, rest and peace. It won’t be if we turn our backs on the world. This new column was born in the spirit of paying attention, becoming educated and aware and talking about what we can do now. I’m hoping to give matters of global urgency a human touch.

Browning, the author of three books, has written for O magazine, Food & Wine, The New York Times Book Review, and Departures. She has also been an editor at Esquire, Texas Monthly and Newsweek. Ms. Browning’s column will appear on the first Monday of every month at http://edf.org/personalnature.Β  You can also sign up on the site to receive the column by email.

  1. Bartle Bull

    Dear Dominique-
    I just read your article with admiration, respect and affection. I still have your hedgehog tap on my garden watering system. Please email me at [email protected] or, better still, give me a ring at 212 593-1694.

  2. Betsy

    Dear Ms. Browning,
    I was a subscriber to House and Garden for many years and used this wonderful magazine as inspiration for decorating my home and for ideas for a short-lived publication called Sewing Decor (I was associate editor). Having worked in magazine publishing, I can completely relate to your description of “busy, busy days” in your NYTM article–and the appalling absence of activity once those days are over. One day I, too, went to work and was called into a meeting where I was “shot” (fired) because the publisher had decided to “kill” our magazine. It was a terrible experience, especially because we all worked so hard on this start-up. Although I have found that there’s life after magazine publishing (and life’s been good, actually), I also miss the joy of holding that “book” (issue), fresh from the printer, and flipping through its pages knowing that I’ve helped to create something beautiful and inspiring for our readers. Your post-being-shot experiences are so familiar, including the consumption of leftovers. To this day, I eat so many leftovers that I can hardly remember the original meals! Thank you for sharing your story.

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