How Recycling Your DVR Can Create Jobs for Challenged Workers

As we’ve noted before, consumer electronics create massive amounts of waste… and massive opportunities for recycling. Much of the e-waste slated for recycling, however, gets dumped in developing countries where poor safety practices create health threats for workers and community members. Couldn’t all of this usable waste serve the creation of safe, meaningful jobs?

Satellite television service DISH thinks so, and has partnered with Atlanta-based non-profit Reworx to recycle its used electronics. Not only will this arrangement keep e-waste out of landfills, but will also provide jobs for people who’ve had trouble finding or keeping meaningful work because of disabilities or other challenges.

Take a look at this video that discusses this partnership, and highlights some of the workers that Reworx serves:


So, that’s one stream of electronic waste addressed… but, no doubt, this is just a small percentage of the total e-waste we create. Know of other innovative recycling programs like this? Share them with us…

Image courtesy of DISH

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