ENERGY STAR Celebrates Twenty Years of Changing the World

Energy efficiency is about the lowest of low-hanging fruit: install some insulation, change out your old light bulbs, or choose the most efficient option when purchasing a new appliance. That’s it… even turning off the lights counts! With all of these actions, you’ve made a contribution to a greener world just by decreasing the amount of energy you use.

ENERGY STAR’s been helping you make these choices for twenty years, and to celebrate, they’ve launched a number of cool apps for sharing your story about cutting your electric and gas bills. Check out the video above, and then visit the Change the World page to join in the fun. If you’re a bit behind on your energy saving activities, no problem: remember that good habits are easier to form with the support of others, and you can get that support through the interactive tools ENERGY STAR offers.

Already shared a photo or video with the ENERGY STAR community? Got a story you plan to tell through their community? Feel free to share it here with us, also.

Image credit: Screen capture from ENERGY STAR Change the World video

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