ENERGY STAR @ Home is Ready for Winter

In May, I wrote about ENERGY STAR’s new “@home” interactive tool at Treehugger. ES@home gave users a wide range of tips on how to beat the summer heat and save energy. While some of those tips are useful all year ’round, the ES folks have “winterized” the site by incorporating tips for staying warm while keeping the heating bill low. Among the new tips:

  • Seal those windows with caulk and weather stripping, and replace screens with storm windows.
  • Keep air flowing freely in the attic: this “keeps the roof deck cool and dry, extending the life of roof shingles and preventing ice damns without using the energy needed to run an attic vent fan.”
  • Get a heating system check-up: “Dirt and neglect are the top two causes of system failure.”

Lots of good information here to prepare for the cold months ahead. And, of course, look for the ENERGY STAR label when shopping for windows, programmable thermostats, and other items that keep the home comfortable while minimizing electrical and gas use.

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