ENERGY STAR Video Contest Highlights Simple Ways to Save Energy

Think the kids in the video above are cute and clever? Yeah, me too… which is while I’ll probably give them a vote in ENERGY STAR’s “Be an ENERGY STAR” Video Challenge currently running on Facebook and YouTube.

Yes, this is another one of those “make a video about something that matters to you” contests that have been around almost as long as YouTube and webcams (the necessary ingredients for this kind of user participation). The videos don’t have to be professional or long – many submitted so far are in the 10-20 second range, and two minutes is the upper limit – but they do need to address what “you, your family, and friends are doing at home, at school, at work, and in the community to save energy.”

I mentioned voting above, and that will take place once submissions are closed. I’ll have to mark my calendar, though, as the contest is open to new videos for another month: September 16th is the deadline for entering. So, plenty of time to come up with a concept, and share it with the world… though I think the kids above have set a pretty high bar for competition. Β If you browse though the videos already in competition, you’ll see many keep it short, sweet, and simple, and are clearly made by high-school or college-aged students. No age limit, though.

So, what happens if you win, or place in the top finalists? Cash, prizes, and eternal fame? Nah… we’re in the age of government austerity! Your video will be featured, though, in a national production by EPA… not bad exposure for a budding filmmaker. And the entry process is pretty simple: make your video and upload it to YouTube. That’s it – you’re entered. While you’re there, you can also consider taking the ENERGY STAR pledge to reduce your energy use.

Let us know if you enter, and feel free to share the link to your submission…

Image credit:Β nilsvik at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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