Join Us to Discuss & Dissect the Environmental Claims in Last Week's Presidential Debate

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If somebody had told me that energy and environmental policy would get the level of attention they did in last week’s presidential debate, I wouldn’t have believed them. Given the areas of focus in candidate advertisements and stump speeches, none of us had any reason to believe that the President’s spending on green jobs and energy, or Governor Romney’s support of “clean” coal and “responsible drilling” would have been front and center in the debate. And while the focus has moved quickly away from those arguments in the week since the debate – we’re more concerned about the truth of Romney’s statements, or the President’s lackadaisical performance – there were issues there that deserved more discussion. So let’s discuss…

At tomorrow’s Important Ideas Hangout on Air, Jeremy Bloom of Red, Green, and Blue, and other members of the Important Media team will join me to dissect the energy and environmental claims that came up during the debate. Β We’ll also play strategists, and consider how these issues might figure into the remaining debates. We’d love to have you join us, either as participants or as observers.

If you’d like to join the Hangout, we’ll host it at Important Media’s Google Plus page – it should show up in G+’s list of public events, also. Β You can just watch, also – if you change your mind, and come up with a question or comment, just share it on Twitter or Google+ with the #impid hashtag.

Finally, if you’ve missed past HOA’s, we’re not only making sure to share the Youtube video recordings, but we’re also creating audio podcasts – episodes #3 and #4 are available, and I’ll have the audio feed available on iTunes shortly.

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