Environmental Defense Fund: Discovery Channel Special Airs Tomorrow – The Promise of a Low-Carbon Revolution Comes to Life

wind turbines, an ethanol plant and solar panels.Alaskan frontiersman Bernie Karl keeps his ice hotel frozen all summer long with the energy of hot springs. For a hundred years, Chena Hot Springs has attracted tourists who come to soak in its healing waters. But Karl β€” bearded and bursting with can-do spirit β€” saw the springs as a natural source of untapped energy. “I always knew that the value was in the hot water; I knew I would make electricity,” says Karl, in an original one-hour Discovery Channel TV special premiering Wednesday, March 11 at 10 pm (ET – check your local listings).Β  Though not your typical energy guru, today Karl is considered a pioneer of geothermal energy.

Karl is just one of the many entrepreneurs and inventors profiled in the Discovery special who are creating new ways to power our planet β€” tapping sunlight, wind and water, and heat embedded in the Earth. Based on the companion book, The New York Times bestseller Earth: The Sequel, the show details the tremendous strides being made across the nation to solve the energy crisis and curb carbon emissions through new technologies.Β Β From start-ups harnessing hydro-power from New York’s East River to solar power in New Mexico’s high desert, the show chronicles dazzling ingenuity and possibility.

The show comes just a few weeks after President Obama asked Congress to send him legislation “that places a market-based cap on carbon pollution and drives the production of more renewable energy in America.” Fred Krupp, President of Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is featured in the show along with the numerous clean energy entrepreneurs working to build a viable β€” and highly profitable β€” future for our planet.

“The time is now for bold action on climate,” said Fred Krupp, President of EDF. “With our current economy in turmoil, the technologies and innovators in Earth: The Sequel give us hope for a dynamic, prosperous future. A cap on carbon will unleash American entrepreneurship, create new jobs for Americans and help solve the climate crisis that threatens our planet.”

To view a trailer of the Discovery show or order a copy of the book, just out in paperback, visit http://earththesequel.com.

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