Environmental Defense Fund: Less Carbon, More Jobs in the New Green Economy

Less Carbon, More Jobs

One bright spot on the dark economic horizon is the number of companies across the U.S. poised for growth under a cap on carbon. EDF president Fred Krupp joined Vice President Joe Biden Friday in Philadelphia for the first meeting of Biden’s task force on middle class jobs.

At the meeting we unveiled our new interactive map highlighting more than 1,200 companies in coal country, the rust belt and other manufacturing regions. These companies all stand to benefit from the demand for clean energy technologies created by a cap on global warming pollution.

Jackie Roberts, EDF director of sustainable technologies, who spearheaded the research behind the website, said: β€œThese maps tell the story of how a cap can fuel economic growth in the heartland while reducing America’s global warming pollution,” she said. β€œThere is a manufacturing boom ready to happen, and a cap will help ignite that spark.”

The map identifies the locations, products and services of companies in 12 states: Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, Virginia and Florida.

Among the business leaders EDF highlighted was Jeff Metts, owner and president of Dowding Industries, a Michigan-based manufacturer of wind turbine parts that is hiring laid-off auto workers. β€œThis business is growing exponentially,” Metts said. See more profiles, company case studies and snapshots.

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