EPA Announces $600 MM in Stimulus to Clean-up 50 of Most Polluted Sites

Fifty hazardous waste sites in 28 states are to get $582 million in stimulus money, the United States Environmental Protection Agency announced this week. The cash injection is a boon for clean-up efforts, according to the New York Times.

For around half of those sites, the money is helping continue clean-up efforts that have languished or ceased since last year, due to economics.

In some cases, the messes have been around far longer than the economically related one we are in at the moment. About one of the stimulus-funded efforts, the Times reports:

About $10 to $25 million will connect 180 houses in southeastern North Dakota to public drinking water. Their wells were tainted with arsenic from bait applied to control grasshoppers in the 30s and 40s.

Addressing one of the recurring concerns about stimulus funding as it relates to getting out-of-work Americans back on the path to financial stability, the EPA says this money will create jobs for cleanup contractors, soil excavation companies, hazardous waste disposal facilities and labs that test samples to detect contamination.

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