Everything Old is New (and Profitable) Again

Triplepundit has posted an overview of Retrobox, a company demonstrating that triple bottom line success isn’t just a theory:

RetroBox is essentially a computer recycling firm, though they deal in all manner of electronic devices, breaking them down for recycling as well as selling functional equipment on the secondary market. [Stampp] Corbin’s tales of the road to success were inspirational to say the least, but the fact that he’s been able to embrace a serious environmental cause as the central tenet of his business makes his company a case study in triple bottom line principals: doing right environmentally, providing a valuable and profitable service to customers, as well as providing good jobs for the community in Columbus, Ohio. Corbin says “I sleep well at night, doing well by doing good.”

Of course, Nick steered his conversation with Corbin to the environmental aspects of his business:

Environmental concerns, in particular, are growing as the likelihood of more government regulation of e-waste increases. Such regulation could be a boon to business for RetroBox, but Corbin is particular about just what kind of government involvement would be best, and most efficient.

Currently, a system called an “advanced recovery fee” has been proposed in many states that would charge end-users a certain amount, say $10, on top of the price of a computer monitor, for example. This cost would pay for the price of having someone properly dispose of the unit at the end of its life. The problem is that the $10 disappears into the depths of bureaucracy and may not result in an efficient recycling system.

But what if the end-user were given a tax credit upon disposal of the unit instead? That way, there is immediate payback upon disposal and a company, like RetroBox, would be eagerly waiting to help end-users make it happen. Although both scenarios merit study, my instinct is to go with the second.

I’m always happy to see stories of companies succeeding by addressing environmental issues, and Retrobox’s story is further proof that conscious business may be the most effective route to sustainability. Now if the tax code could just catch up…

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