Evolution, Groovy Green Style

Congrats to my buds over at the Groovy Green blog for taking a huge leap forward with Groovy Green Magazine. The new site looks fantastic, and they’ve added several new writers to the mix. They’ve also come out of the gate with a bold vision:

As we continue to evolve, we look forward to expanding the number of contributors to provide a broad spectrum of ideas from around the country and around the world. We strive to become the People’s Green Magazine: There are a tremendous amount of great environmental writers out there, and an increasing (and sometimes overwhelming) number of “green blogs”. Groovy Green will be a place where good writers can come to post articles and blog posts to a larger audience–while maintaining their own personal writing. We don’t want to be restrictive–hell we want writers to promote their own site! Many good writers have a small but dedicated audience of readers – we want to recruit authors from the sea of blogs out there and give them a platform to stand together on.

I like it, and wish them the best. If you want to write for them, drop them a note… and, in any case, update your RSS feed

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