Feline Pine: Compostable Cat Litter

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got a lot of cats: five of them right now (it was six at one point). Late last year, we switched from traditional clay cat litter to a recycled pine product, and love it — it absorbs the smell much better than any of the other litters we’ve used, and doesn’t expose the cats to clay dust. So, when the folks at Nature’s Earth Products contacted me about taking a look at their Feline Pine product, I was more than happy to do so, as I’m already a convert to the type of product they sell.

One thing I learned from their literature (which hit me square between the eyes with a big “Duh!”) was the compostability of the used litter. The concept is very similar to that underlying gDiapers — you can’t compost poop (that has to be flushed), but the litter that’s broken down by urine can go straight to the compost pile. You’ll need to get one of those two-piece litter boxes that allows you to shift out the used litter (which breaks down into a powder-like consistency). This also creates an easier cleaning process — I’ve been scooping the litter, which is more difficult because it doesn’t clump. I see, though, that Nature’s Earth is now promoting a scoopable product, which ought to increase its market share…

Thanks to the folks at Nature’s Earth for sharing their product, and the information accompanying it.

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