Five for Friday: Green Blog Posts for the Week (5/28/10)

The Gulf oil spill is still the big story on the green blogs... but not the only story
The Gulf oil spill is still the big story on the green blogs... but not the only story

While the Gulf oil spill continues to dominate the headlines, and the green blog space (as it should… this is a calamitous, and potentially game-changing event), even a cursory scan of the green blogosphere shows that we’re not standing still in terms of keeping other stories out there. This is so important… it’s critical that the stories from the spill get told; it’s also important that we not let a disaster like this completely capture our niche. There’s still plenty of other topics out there for informing and inspiring… so let’s get to them with our Five for Friday list.

This week’s Five for Friday list of engaging green blog posts:

  1. GOTS organic cotton? Certifications are a big deal in the green products space: consumers need credible, transparent means of making choices that align with their green values. Becky Stiepe examines the Global Organic Textile Standard, an internationally-recognized (but perhaps not widely known) certification for fabrics and textiles, at Crafting a Green World.
  2. Cardboard to ethanol? Seems like almost any material can be made into fuel… and, apparently, that includes the small percentage of waste fiber generated from cardboard recycling. Tim Hurst has the lowdown on International Paper’s cardboard to ethanol plansΒ at Earth & Industry (and I like this story so much that I’ve now linked to it twice: also listed it on my Thursday Green Tech Finds post at SUNfiltered).
  3. Reusable bags to put in your reusable bags: Want to find a good review of the latest green product for home use? The Fun Times Guide to Living Green is always a good bet. This week, Jeffrey looks at ChicoBag reusable produce bags… no more of those greenish plastic bags for your lettuce!
  4. Here’s your team: I think I may start referring to David Quilty at The Good Human as “the Jiminy Cricket of the green blogosphere”… his blog is always a good read for ideas to get us greenies thinking critically about ourselves and our efforts. One of his posts that caught my eye this week: a reminder to climate change skeptics about whose agenda they’re helping to promote…
  5. And, of course, the oil spill: We certainly can’t ignore it, so let’s give some love to good coverage. The folks at the National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Promise blog have done a exemplary job of bringing this disaster to (very vivid) life for those of us not on the Gulf. Take a look at this short video that demonstrates the wide impact of the spill on Louisiana’s coastline and wetlands

That’s our five… but that’s definitely not even close to all the good posts that came out of the green blogosphere this week. What were some of your favorites?

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Image credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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