Fog Collection: Pulling Water From Thin Air

Traveling long distances for fresh water is common in the developing world; now imagine throwing some mountains into the scenario. In places like Nepal, that’s the reality. Fortunately, that reality comes with ample fog… and even the world’s poorest people can harvest that fog with simple technology. The video above gives a great overview of fog collection.

I’m relatively new to this concept, so if you’ve got experience with fog collection, or providing such technology to people in developing nations, do share – I’d love to hear your stories.

Image credit: Screen capture from “From Thin Air” video

  1. Janet Wilson

    I realized that water from ample fog can indeed be collected but at first I didn’t believe Joe’s comment until I read it and realized it’s true. It’s the same thing that happens to any airconditioning unit. water condensation.

    These are great ways to get water. I hope more of these technologies will be available to third world countries in need of potable water as well as in africa.

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