Food to Fuel… the Right Way [Infographic]

The phrase “food to fuel” often refers to production of corn-based ethanol or soy-based biodiesel… not exactly most efficient use of these commodities. But there are situations when food to fuel represents a smart use of resources: when that food will otherwise go to a landfill. While the capture of landfill gas has become more prevalent, why spend the money and other resources shipping it there? Why not just direct food waste to energy production?

Of course, I’m thinking only of food that’s inedible… if it’s still good to eat, we should make sure it gets eaten. But food that’s gone bad can still serve as a feedstock for a variety of energy sources: take a look at RWL Water Group’s infographic below to see the possibilities… and feel free to share your reactions and ideas in the comments below. (Click to the graphic to go to a larger version.)

Source: RWL Water Group

  1. Nur M. Karani

    I live in Galkayo, Mudug, Somalia. People pay for their electricity $1.1 per KW, so it is difficult to use a/c, electric iron, refrigerator, etc because it is expensive. Can this idea of coverting waste to energy implemented?

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