Food Waste Facts in the UK [Infographic]

food waste facts infographic selection

Did you know that this past Thursday, October 16, was World Food Day? Yeah, I missed it, too… And while this may strike you as just another opportunity for people to share pictures of their meals, and promote their particular food ideology, the main idea behind it involves global food issues. This year’s theme, for instance, was “Family Farming:Β Feeding the world, caring for the earth.”

So, those of us who missed it completely can take the “Every day should be World Food Day” approach (which we should, anyway), and dig into the issues surrounding food production and availability around the world. Our friends at UK-based Ecocleen Services have shared this infographic with us that addresses another major issue surrounding food: waste. Focusing specifically on Great Britain, this collection of food waste facts drills down to the locations where edible food gets tossed instead of eaten: places like grocery stores, restaurants, and school cafeterias.

If you like in the UK, share your impressions of food waste there. Do you see lots of edible food getting thrown away? Do you have a sense of why this happens? Do you have ideas for cutting that waste? Share your thoughts…

Need to see a larger version of this graphic? Go here

food waste facts uk infographic

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