Come Hangout with Us and Discuss Food Waste

food waste

We’ve discussed food waste in a wide range of contexts here at sustainablog: from the family to the food industry. We know that the food we throw away represents resources wasted – our own money, as well as the water, soil, and energy that contributed to its growth, processing, and transportation – and yet, according to a new report from the NRDC, we’re still throwing away 40% of the food we produce along the path from farm to fork.

How do we decrease the amount of food waste we create? How can we make better use of the food that doesn’t get eaten? What opportunities are we missing along the supply chain? Sounds like good topics for a discussion… so let’s discuss.

A couple of weeks ago, several of us at Important Media started playing with Google+’s “Hangout on Air” feature, which essentially lets you hold a face-to-face online meetings, and broadcast it. We’re hooked now, and decided we’ve had enough practice – time to let everyone know we’re “on air” from 3-4 pm Central time every Thursday. Join us tomorrow at Important Media’s G+ page. If you’d like to join the discussion, but aren’t able to get into the Hangout proper (we’re limited to 10 people), feel free to throw comments and questions at us with the #impid hashtag on G+ or on Twitter.

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  1. Amanda

    I fix only enough of food that me and my husband will eat.i know how much at any given time.It took practice to do but after being married for 27 years you figure it out.I am a big saver of leftovers and add them to something else.As in keeping leftover roast beef and make beef soup out of it.Left over chicken becomes chicken soup or added to another dish.Take left over broccoli and put some noodles and soy sauce, good for the chicken too.If you have anything as in these items mix together and make dog biscuits for your pooch.Leftover corn can be mixed with corn meal and make corn bread(which is very good).See using the imagination can save you a ton of money on your food bill.This is my take on it.Just a thought.

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