Top 10 Ridiculous Lies Spread by Fox News about EPA

If you’re a regular reader of this blog or any other reasonable media outlet, you probably don’t need a reminder of how badly Fox News sucks. Well, okay, here’s another. In this amazing article, Media Matters breaks down ten falsehoods propagated by Fox News about the EPA, whom they lovingly refer to as agency “job terrorists” who are “strangling America.”


When it comes to stuff like this neo-conservative propaganda, my heart both sinks (when I think of folks actually buying into this stuff) and I throw up my arms in disgust (wondering how we can stop this nightmare from continuing to spew out lies and hatred of all things reasonable, including the EPA).

Anyway, this great article gives good insights into how desperate are Fox News attempts to brand the EPA a menace to America. Most of their attempts are outrageous lies, including the following ten:

1. EPA’s Job Is “Done”

2. EPA Is Implementing A “Job-Killing” Agenda

3. The Obama Administration Has Launched A “War On Coal”

4. Coal Plant Emissions Aren’t Linked To Asthma

5. Air Pollution Limits Threaten “A Fifth Of America’s Electricity Generating Capacity”

6. EPA Wants “230,000 New Employees” To Implement Climate Rules

7. Small Businesses Pay “$4,100 Bucks Per Employee” To Comply With EPA Regulations

8. Obama Could Suspend EPA Rules With An Executive Order

9. Obama Administration’s Vehicle Emission Regulations Are Unprecedented

10. EPA Is “Regulating Milk Spills”

Media Matters easily counters each falsehood with actual truths about the agency.

Good read for anyone possibly confused by claims made by Fox News, or better yet, to learn how far removed from reality the conservative media outlet really is.

Image credit: dutchlad via flickr

  1. TelltheTruth

    And you believe in Media Matters? King of liars…

    #3 Didn’t Obama say before he was President that he was going to give a hard time to the coal companies? Maybe even bankrupt them? I saw that video with my own eyes, it is on You-tube somewhere, if that is not a war I don’t know what to say, because I was in total shock that he said that.

    I suspect that “sustainablog” is into misinformation and misdirection. Keep them all blind, all under control.

  2. Steve Savage

    As someone who has had decades of experience with EPA regulation in the area of crop pesticides, I’ve got to say that EPA has done a pretty darn good job of sticking to the science to advance environmental goals without letting the politics influence it too much. Its a tough job because they get sued constantly by environmental groups, and unfairly attacked by the Right. As I look at what the EPA has accomplished I think that much of what they do should be help up as evidence that rational regulatory processes can be good for both the environment and the regulated industries.

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