Garden of Life Commits to 100% Wind Power

And one more bit of news passed along today: nutritional supplement company Garden of Life has committed to purchasing renewable energy certificates that offset 100% of its power needs. From the press release:

Garden of Life is committed to purchasing 100% of the energy needed to power its West Palm Beach corporate headquarters and fulfillment center with clean, renewable energy using renewable energy certificates. Purchasing renewable energy certificates, through the partnership with 3 Phases Energy and SustainableMarketing.com, is one of the most efficient and generally accepted methods for businesses to support the construction of new clean sources of energy, and the best way to make a truthful claim about the use of renewable energy. All certificates from 3 Phases Energy are certified by Green-e, a voluntary certification program that sets consumer protection and environmental standards for electricity products. With this action, Garden of Life will be preventing over 1 million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the earth’s atmosphere, which is equivalent to planting 129 acres of trees or taking 99 cars off of the road for one year. Garden of Life’s purchases will be directly benefiting the Weathersford Wind Energy Center in Custer County, Oklahoma.

In addition to purchasing renewable energy certificates, Garden of Life is building sustainability principles into other aspects of its business practices. Starting in 2006, Garden of Life’s catalog is being printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with 100% vegetable-based inks. This move will prevent 1786 trees from being harvested and 60,000 pounds of paper from going into landfill this year. This is also positive for customers with chemical sensitivities to conventional inks. Garden of Life plans to continue its efforts to both practice and advocate sustainability in its business practices.

Once again, it’s great to see this trend spreading…

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