GB #10: Now That Ethanol’s All the Rage

Woo hoo, double digits. We’re keeping a close eye on each other’s numbers at our Chatzy chatroom. That’s been an awful lot of fun.

So, this isn’t completely politics — there’s business and economics and stuff in there, too. Amanda Griscom Little, Grist’s Muckraker, has a very thorough (imagine that!) article up on all the sudden interest in ethanol from Washington and GM. Needless to say, Dubya and Detroit haven’t suddenly found environmental consciousness — there’s money to be made by all. That’s not a bad thing, of course, and this could be evidence of more recognition of the profitability of environmental stewardship. Of course, it’s considerably more complicated, especially when we throw in agriculatural subsidies and political ambitions. And then there’s the question of whether corn-based ethanol is really a good investment. It’s a complex issue, and, unfortunately, we’ll probably only read/hear about that complexity in venues like Grist.

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