GB #11: Soy Foam Insulation

Once again borrowing from one of my fellow Green Blogathoners, Groovy Green points us to an article from The Green Guide on greener home insulation choices:

A soybean-based polyurethane foam, BioBase501 and Healthyseal, have recently received attention for their eco-sustainability. From the article, β€œThese foams are very low VOC, extremely fire-retardant, and, properly installed, they should provide no health risks to homeowners or installers. They release no loose fibers or dust and are not susceptible to mold. It is perhaps for these reasons that BioBase501 was chosen by Environmental Building News as one of their top 10 products for 2003, while Healthyseal received the National Association of Builders β€œGreen with Envy Award” award that same year.”

Michael points to other GG posts that have Home Efficiency calculators for making the best choices on such things. The Green Guide article gets indepth on the comparison between the soy foam, and the blow-in cellulose insulation many of us may have heard of…

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