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Here’s the rule- one Blogathoner writes a post, which another Blogathoner posts about, quoting the whole post. Then another Blogathoner quotes that post 100%, and so on down the line until everyone’s had their say, the last one to post about it also includes a link to the original post.

So here goes, via Groovy Green comes Australia Narrows Down Solar City Winner

Australia is like that place far away that you know exists, but really is simply down the road in the form of an Outback Restaurant. But take it from me, a wild world traveler, that’s been to the land down south, or Oz, this place is sunny–and itchin’ for some solar loving. So, it comes as no surprise that the government is holding a ‘contest’ of sorts to see who wants to become the first ‘Solar City’. What does this mean, well, obviously, you could guess, but then you would simply assume–and assumption is not a virtue anyone should hold close. The Australian government will dish out $75 million to improve the infrastructure of the winning city–including solar photovoltaics, smart meters, and a reward system that will pay “energy-smart” consumers who watch their monthly consumption. Out of the list of 10 towns with name like Kalgoorlie and Coburg–only Alice Springs seems to be getting picked up by the major news outlets. Mmm..Alice Springs Chicken….
Link: A Step Closer To Australia’s First Solar Cities

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