GB #19: Are You Optimistic About Peak Oil?

If so, you should consider entering BeyondPeak.com‘s First Annual “Who Knows? Things Might Get Better” Peak Oil Scenario Competition. Yes, this is for real

BeyondPeak.com, a guide to living sustainably with Peak Oil and economic collapse, announces its First Annual “Who Knows? Things Might Get Better” Peak Oil Scenario Competition.

Is there light at the end of the Peak Oil tunnel? Most Peak Oil activists see nothing but negative results from Peak Oil—the decrease in worldwide production of oil. Most apparently feel that Peak Oil will lead, in one way or other, to The End Of The World As We Know It (or as commonly referred to during Y2K days, TEOTWAWKI).

Some Peak Oil observers predict returning to the semi-rural days of the early 1900s. Other suggest we could return to pre-industrial and even early-agricultural days. Still others suggest a return to Paleolithic times, where necessary skills include making your own obsidian knives and starting fires with a flintstone.

But are these really our only options? Is this the best humanity can do? Beyond Peak hopes there are other, more positive, possible futures. Unfortunately, as Beyond Peak founder Mick Winter says, “even if we can see a better future, it’s very hard to see how we’d logically get from here to there.”

That’s why, says Winter, Beyond Peak invites all those interested in Peak Oil and the future to enter the website’s scenario competition. To enter, entrants simply write a scenario and submit it to BeyondPeak.com. There is no minimum length required. Write whatever length is appropriate to your scenario, though entrants should keep in mind that this is an essay contest and not a book competition. When in doubt, check with BeyondPeak.

Scenarios must be submitted electronically on or before March 31, 2006. First place winner will receive $100 cash, second place $50, and third place $25. Fourth and fifth places get glory and Honorable Mention. All of the top five scenarios will be posted on the Beyond Peak website and shared with other websites as well.

$100?! I’m there, dude…

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