GB #23: Local, Organic, Family-Farmed — All in the Midwest

Just came across FamilyFarmed.org, a website for supporting Midwestern organic farmers. Their expo is coming up in a couple of weeks, and from the looks of it, I make have to make a trip to Chicago:

Learn why the best food is local organic food. Our two-day FamilyFarmed.org EXPO is a great way to meet Midwestern family farmers and other food businesses who are bringing local flavor to your table in an earth-friendly, sustainable way. Both Friday and Saturday are open to the public. Friday’s Trade Show focuses on connecting food businesses with local farmers, restaurants, processors and distributors. Saturday’s Food Festival is all about food and fun, for families and anyone who loves healthy, sustainable, locally produced food.


There will be over 50 exhibitors at the EXPO, including family farmers and other businesses involved in food, farming, organics, artisanal food and healthy living. Learn about organizations involved in public health, food policy, urban agriculture, GMO issues, fair trade, local economies and sustainability. Many exhibitors will have organic food and health products to sample and sell.

All of that, and a drawing for a trip to Brazil — what more could you ask for? The site looks great, and I’m happy to see a resource touting local organics — shipping organic produce from New Zealand and such kind of defeats the purpose…

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