GB #9: ‘A Very Cool Green Building Tool’

This post is not mine, but rather comes from Shea — he’s publishing my next one at ‘Musings’:

I’m watching the development of a very cool green building tool. The eLCie tool is being put together by Chapel Hill, NC based International Design Center for the Environment. I worked with them last month to put together their marketing plan. They’re spending the next 6-9 months to get it polished before the launching it in the Fall.

The eLCie tool will give you an amazing view of thousands of green building materials, ranking each according to 10 different green metrics. You can see how things like paints line up according to their impact on Fossil Fuel Depletion, Water Pollution, and Ecological Toxicity.

It’ll be a great tool for anyone involved in green building projects. With more and more eco-friendly developments going up every day, I think they’ll find a very willing and growing market when they go live.

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