Global Warming, Right Between the Eyes

I just finished reading Time’s cover story on global warming (you have to watch an ad if you’re not a subscriber), and am feeling exhausted: they’ve provided a thorough and vivid overview of the impact of climate change that should be required reading right now. I won’t try to give an overview — it’s much too detailed for that. What I can say is that this may be the best article written for a layperson that demonstrates the catastrophic possibilities awaiting us should we continue down the same path. We’re already feeling the heat, literally, and will continue to do so, but we can take action to mitigate some of impact. We’ve got to do it now, though. For a quick and dirty look at some of the numbers, take a look at Bill Perkins’ post at FreedomBlog — numbers like these ought to get even the most hardened skeptic a bit worried… I’m sure there are still plenty of folks that will scream “liberal media,” or something like it, but to hell with them… there’s just not an argument any more, as both of these pieces make very clear.

It’s only a small thing, but join the Global Warming Virtual March — the sign-up form is on the sidebar. Change a few light bulbs to cfls. Drive a little less. More importantly, though, give your elected representatives hell — uncoordinated individual efforts will only get us so far… Other ideas?

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