Solutions to Global Warming: Reduce my Carbon Footprint by 70%?

city livingMaking a list of actions you can take to prevent global warming, or at least reduce your own carbon footprint? One item you may not have considered: move to (or stay in) an urban environment.

Reduce Your Transportation Carbon Emissions by 70%

[social_buttons]That’s the conclusion shown by data recently added toΒ  the Chicago-based Center for Neighborhood Technology‘s Housing and Transportation Affordability Index. CNT took a look at 55 metropolitan areas around the United States, and found that, in terms of transportation choices, urban living definitely belongs on the list of solutions to stop global warming: “When measured on a per household basis, it found that the transportation-related emissions of people living in cities and compact neighborhoods can be nearly 70% less than those living in suburbs.”

What does this mean for you?

  • If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, urban centers provide more transportation options because of their location efficiency: walking, biking, and public transportation are all viable. Take a look at your own metropolitan area to see the difference.
  • If you’re just concerned about saving gas, urban centers are also a better deal. CNT’s Gas Cost Impacts show lower gas spending the closer you get to downtown.

A Solution that Can Save You $5,000/year

The savings, both in terms of carbon emissions and money, can be significant: CNT President Scott Bernstein notes that you can save up to $5000/year.

The study only addresses transportation costs; if you’re thinking about a move to the city, but are also concerned about the environmental impacts, emissions from buildings should also play into your calculations.

Image credit: wonderferret at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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