Global Water Resources: Where We Get It & What We Do With It (Infographic)

I’ve got the plumber coming over today for a small job, and it occurred to me that we’ll probably have to turn off the water supply for a short time. That always freaks me out a little, because I realize quickly how dependent we are on that water coming into the house… shoot, they shut down schools for the day if they water’s out.

Now, imagine having it turned off for a week… or having your town or city’s water supply interrupted for that long. That’s really scary. And yet we still use the stuff as if it’ll never run out.

Where do we get our water? What do we use it for? The answers may surprise you… and they’re all included in this infographic from Seametrics. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Infographic by Seametrics, a manufacturer of water flow meters that measure and conserve water.

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