Governors Form Wind Power Coalition

Turbines in worldGovernor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota (R) and Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico (D) have joined forces to promote a “Governors Windpower Coalition” to increase the use of wind energy across the United States.

The objectives of the coalition include interstate collaboration (on issues like transmission), exchanging information on policy and technology, commissioning research on wind power policy issues, and identifying recommendations for federal and regional policies. It will not receive any funding from industry sources.

Governor Pawlenty explained why he and Richardson decided to collaborate:

“America is at a tipping point. Our country is too dependent on imported sources of energy and greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow too quickly. Governors and states have a tremendous opportunity to lead the country towards a cleaner, more independent, more secure energy future.”

The nonprofit community is excited about the collaboration as well. Beth Soholt, executive director of the Midwest organization Wind on the Wires, said: “We are ready to roll up our sleeves and actively work with the Governors Windpower Coalition to achieve our mutual wind power goals.”

Pawlenty and Richardson are reaching out to other governors and are hoping to bring together states with large renewable energy sources and states with large demands for energy. They’ve issued a joint letter asking more governors to join their cause and they summarize the anticipated topics they may tackle:

  • Policies to encourage wind turbine manufacturing in the U.S.
  • Facilitating grid access
  • State, regional, and federal regulations to expand wind power markets
  • Advanced technology approaches for integrating large amounts of wind power onto the grid (such as storage issues)

Minnesota has the fourth-largest wind power capacity in the U.S. and is fifth-largest in the retail sales of wind. New Mexico is the highest per-capita wind power user the nation.

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  1. bring wind power back

    Wind power built America. Look at John Jones–the Revolutionary War naval captain, look at the clipper ships that connected the East Coast to the West Coast.
    Governors are important people on an international stage. I hope to see more and more cooperation on a nationwide scale to shake up the economic status quo.
    By the by, the greatest, most consistent wind power in the US is over the Great Lakes.

  2. Brad Y

    Conservative or Liberal, sensible energy alternatives such as wind power make sense; Its cheap, effective, and essentially “free” by days end. The British have done an excellent job making use of their mills, I don’t see any reasons why Americans cannot.

    BTW: I live near Lake Michigan, and it greatly upsets me that many local governments have tried to ban windmills because they are “an eyesore.” I call BS on that one…

  3. Julie

    Premier Gary Doer of Manitoba, Canada is also involved with the coalition and met with the governors in October. St. Leon in southern Mantioba is already home to a 60+ windmill farm.

  4. David Spoey

    Actually the most consistent wind power is ten thousand feet above each of our heads, where the wind blows constantly with great force.

    High Altitude Wind Power will eventually win the day as our economy gears up to produce the mega-structures (such as domes) composed of carbon nanotubes woven into unbreakable composites.

    We could produce three TeraWatts of Energy from the wind above the Mojave Desert.

    Now keep in mind this wind is fueled mostly by atmospheric solar heating, along with earth’s rotation.

  5. mike raggo

    It is my belief that all new construction have small “windmills” atop their roof in areas with ample wind. I live in Ok City and I am looking into the possibility of doing this to my present home if the price is right.It is always windy here!!! I believe that tax incentives be given to homeowners and business people for placing these improvements on their homes and business. Great news that government is getting involved to promote this type of energy. More needs to be done. If I were the leader of this country I would mandate

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