New Green Blog Declares “Eco Snobbery Sucks”

Eco Snobbery sucksEvery asked someone “You don’t recycle?”Β incredulously? Told the cashier at the grocery store “I brought my own bags” just a little too loudly? Had a check bounce from a shopping spree at Whole Foods?

You might be an eco snob…

OK, we’ve all had our moments of looking down our noses at those who don’t “get it”… to some degree, it’s the nature of almost any movement or value system. But it doesn’t do much for turning on new folks to behaviors and ways of thinking that may ultimately benefit them. These people need encouragement for whatever steps they take… and also might need a friendly, non-judgmental hand recognizing that “going green” doesn’t have to mean huge purchases of hybrid cars, solar systems, and the like.

That kind of encouragement is the foundation of Jeffrey Davis’ newest site, Eco Snobbery Sucks. If you head over, you may be looking for lots of criticism of the kinds of behaviors I mentioned above… and though you’ll find some of that, it’s not really the point. Jeffrey told me in a Skype conversation earlier that he envisions the new site as a sort of “snob-free” zone… a place for newbies and experienced greenies alike to get away from any sense of “holier than thou” and share stories, ideas, and practices for green living and thinking.

That’s a challenging approach, as all of us come to green for a wide variety of reasons: from awe inspired by the latest clean tech, to concern about the chemicals and toxins in the food we feed to our kids. Though it’s largely a one-man operation, Jeffrey’s done a stellar job of keeping the approach broad while maintaining a fun, friendly tone. Sure, you’ll find some good swipes at various forms of eco-snobbery, but also many posts dedicated to fun, interesting, and useful stories and tips. Some of the latest posts include:

Though new (launched in October, with a real publication push this month), Jeffrey’s already built up an archive of unique posts… with more to come. Head on over, check out what he’s doing, and enjoy a break from the eco-snobs…

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