Five for Friday: Green Blog Posts for the Week (6/4/10)

Bee keeping, avocados, potatoes, and more...

Yep, the oil spill is still the big story (again, as it should be)… stay tuned for a podcast at Earth & Industry in which David Wescott, Tim Hurst and I discuss it (and I get a little overwrought… I did grow up on the Gulf). But the green blogosphere chugs on… and, as usual, lots of variety, along with good news and even fun. Here’s our Five for Friday for the Week.

  1. Goldman Sachs and AIG breathe sighs of relief: Jeremy Bloom, the new editor at Red, Green and Blue, notes that Americans have united around something: hatred of BP.
  2. Pounds and pounds of potatoes: At GreenUpgrader,Β  Tim Hurst outlines a pretty simple method for growing a hundred pounds of potatoes… in a barrel.
  3. Breakin’ the law, breakin’ the law: In some towns, and even states, you may be doing just that if you’re keeping bees. The Daily Green has a run-down
  4. They’re not just for guacamole anymore: Cheryl Tallman demonstrates the versatility of the avocado at Eco Child’s Play.
  5. Pedal-powered patrol car: OK, the police in Ringwood, UK, won’t actually be using this pedal-powered vehicle to run down lawbreakers and speeders… rather, it will be their entry in the British Pedal Car Grand Prix on July 11th. Jerry James Stone has the scoop at Greenopolis.

We only do five, so there are many, many other great green blog posts out there. Share your favorites from the week in the comments…

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