Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (6/11/10)

Mushrooms: a solution for spilled oil?
Mushrooms: a solution for spilled oil?

Spent a morning off with the horses, so we’ve doing a late edition of Five for Friday this week. Like previous weeks, the oil spill continues to be the big story on the environmental front (and I’m looking forward to a time when I don’t have to write that). Got one post of these week’s five that’s spill-related… but there’s a lot more going on the green blogosphere…

Let’s get to it… this week’s Five for Friday:

  • A black bean burger even a Cajun could love: Came across Vegan in Louisiana (based in my hometown of Lake Charles) this week, and definitely want to give Missy’s black bean rice burger recipe a try… sounds fantastic (and fitting… everything in Louisiana comes with rice).
  • California town goes (almost) completely solar: OK, Nipton, CA, only has a population of 38, but being situated in the Mojave Desert would make solar power a no-brainer. Susan Kramer at Cleantechnica tells the story of their new solar installation, which provides 85% of their electricity.
  • Off-grid in the city: ArkFab is an “appropriate biotech collective” in Atlanta, GA (and one of its members is former Green Options intern extraordinaire Liam “Pip” Rattray) that’s launching an off-the-grid, “community sufficient” home right in the city itself. Check out the pictures of the work they’ve already done…
  • Mushrooms to the rescue: Mycologist Paul Stamets thinks containment booms made from mushrooms could help with the Gulf oil spill, and claims that the EPA’s interested in hearing more. Cleantechies has more (and, yep, gave this one some love at this week’s “Green tech finds” at SUNfiltered).
  • Cheap eco-fashion? Yep, it’s out there… at the thrift store… no clothes are greener than reused clothes. Rowena Ritchie provides a “mission plan” for hitting the thrift stores effectively at EcoSalon.

That’s our five… but there was a lot more good stuff out there this week. What did you find? Share it with us below…

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Image credit: photogirl7 at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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