Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (7/2/10)

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Up until now, I’ve been keeping an eye on green blogosphere trends through the usual suspects — Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, etc. — Β and extrapolating… not exactly precise, but it worked with my current set-up. I finally dug into Regator, a service that I discovered through Problogger‘s weekly “Blogosphere Trends” posts, and see how this will provide much more precise insight (as well as more efficient means of discovering some of the lesser trends).

Of course, I didn’t need Regator to tell me that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is still the hot topic, followed relatively closely by Tesla Motor’s IPO. My biggest surprise, though: Hurricane Alex didn’t seem to get a lot of attention on this front. Think that’s because it had relatively little impact on the US? Or didn’t directly into oil spill territory, even as it did effect clean-up and containment efforts?

So, what did grab my attention this week? As always, lots of competition…

This Week’s Five for Friday Green Blog Posts

That’s our five… what’d you like this week?

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