Five for Friday: Green Green Blog Posts for the Week (7/30/10)

A gorgeous cob house at Dancing Rabbit... one of our Five for Friday picks
A gorgeous cob house at Dancing Rabbit... one of our Five for Friday picks

Is the Gulf Oil spill moving off the green blogosphere radar? Regator shows that the term “Gulf of Mexico” is still on top in Environmentalism right now, but terms related to political wrangling over energy, climate, and the environment are right there behind it…

While most of us could use a break from the constant news of the oil in in the Gulf — it’s overwhelming — I’m hoping that spill-related stories keep coming from the green blogs (and said so in an Earth & Industry podcast recently). It’ll be easy to let this disaster slide as the well stops gushing… but issues of environmental health and economic impact will be with coastal residents for years to come. Let’s make sure those stories continue to be told.

Of course, it wasn’t all Deepwater Horizon all the time in the green blogosphere this week… as usual, our friends and colleagues touched on, or dug into, a wide range of topics. Here’s the five posts that kept us reading this week.

This week’s Five for Friday roundup of great green blog posts

  1. Books planters: As you might imagine, I’ve got a houseful of books. An Italian company has a great idea for reusing those paperbacks that are collecting dust… turn them into planters. Greenopolis has details and pictures.
  2. Mixed-use development for the win: Next time a local politician argues for big box stores as a means to generate property tax revenue, send him a link to Zachary Shahan’s post at ecopolitology arguing that downtown mixed-use development brings more money into the local coffers.
  3. The beauty of cob: Think natural building means function over aesthetics? Take a look at these pictures of a cob house at the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, and think again… From Best of Remodeling.
  4. Eat well… through your iPhone: Looking for information on the food in your shopping cart? Eco Child’s Play has a run-down of several iPhone apps that give you the information you need to make healthy, green choices.
  5. A 14-year-old with a car? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, but it’s actually a great story about teenager Ashton Stark’s conversion of his grandfather’s ’72 Beetle into an electric car… from Treehugger.

So, what grabbed your attention this week in the green blogosphere? Let us know in the comments…

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