Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (8/27/10)

Fallen tree branches can turn into great toys for little kids... and not for smacking each other!

While I’m not at all surprised to see that environmental politics, climate change, and the BP oil spill still dominate the rankings on Regator’s Environmentalism page this week, I am a bit perplexed by one of the issues that doesn’t appear at all: the massive recall of eggs potentially contaminated with salmonella. Of course, Regator’s a snapshot — not all “green” blogs are indexed there — but it makes me wonder: have we green bloggers viewed this primarily as a health issue, and thus outside our purview? Love to hear your thoughts on this…

The egg recall’s not totally absent from the green blogosphere, though, and many issues beyond environmental politics and the oil spill showed up this week… as always. Here’s our weekly list of the posts that made us look…

This week’s Five for Friday Roundup of Eye-Catching Green Blog Posts

  1. A bike for beginners: The Fun Times Guide to Living Green‘s overview of the Trek Lime caught my attention for one particular reason — automatic gear shifting.
  2. DIY building blocks: Kids love blocks… they can let their imaginations run wild. But those toys don’t have to come from the store: Julie Finn at Crafting a Green World shows how to make your own blocks from fallen tree branches.
  3. Chicago Cubs pitch in for the oil spill: As a Cardinals fan, it pains me to write anything about the Cubs, but this is just fantastic… NWF’s Wildlife Promise blog highlights the Cubbies’Β “Mystery Ball” fundraiser for ecosystem restoration in Louisiana.
  4. Plastic waste as a building material: Jeffrey Davis at Greenwala takes a look at Affresol’s Thermo Poly Rock, a building material made from recycled plastic that can be poured like concrete… but is supposedly much stronger.
  5. EV infrastructure… Southern style: Turns out Tennessee’s trying to take the lead on developing solar-powered car charging… Dan Harding at Calfinder’s Residential Solar blog has the details.

That’s our five… let us know what caught your eye in the green blogosphere this week.

Yep, we’ve got bikes… from Trek, as well as Fuji, Jamis, and Raleigh

Image credit: markhillary at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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